Happy Easter

April 12th, 2009 by Tracy

This entry is going to be chocked full of goodness. We’ve been really working on getting Ian’s nap and sleep schedule regulated. We’re finally starting to see a turn around. It just stinks because we can’t go too far from home during the day because we can’t let any of his naps slip by, otherwise night time is just no fun!

Saturday Ian turned 7 months. I had an old friend of mine come by and do a photo shoot with Ian on Saturday. It just so happened to work out to be his 7 month birthday I wasn’t really even thinking that because I stink at planning. She got some AMAZING shots. I’m going to have a hard time choosing which to print. Ian had just woken from his nap when Tya got here and I was worried that he would be standoffish but he took to her immediately and smiled and laughed and had a grand old time. Here just a few of the awesome shots she got.



Tya Anthony Photography

I wasn’t going to put together an Easter basket for Ian, but decided at the last minute to do one. I stopped on my way home from work on Thursday to pick up some things and then ran out yesterday and picked up a few more. Originally I didn’t spend too much, but then I took Jason with me to Target and we ended up buying more toys and spending more. Oh well, it’s his first Easter!



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A Day in the Park

April 10th, 2009 by Tracy

Jason and I walked down the street to a park near our house. I thought that the park was just ball fields but a friend told me that there is in fact a play ground there with infant swings. After his late afternoon nap we put him in his stroller and headed to the park. He was fasinated with the other people at the park so our pictures are all of the side of his head.



Here is a quick video. The first part is from last week. I was trying to get him doing his little bunny hop that he does. The second part is from this morning. He got really angry when I took the camera away, but I edited that out so everyone would be smitten by his cuteness.

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