Baby Cocoon

September 11th, 2008 by Jason

Those hands belong to Tracy’s aunt, Diane.  I think Ian looks Asian in this photo.  I made a comment in reference to this while Tracy’s doctor was still in the room.  Tracy’s doctor, Dr. Lim, is a young Asian woman.  She just snickered and shot me a smile…

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  1. shelley copple

    yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats tracy I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your husband (:

  2. Eliza

    He does! He also looks freakin’ adorable. Good job, Tracy and Jason!

  3. Elaina

    I love him so much already!

  4. Gina Brandon

    Your baby was born 9/11, the anniversary of the 911 bombing of New York City twain towers.


  5. Ellyn


    What better day to bring new life into the world ! This was a joyous day, a day of birth and renewal. The perfect day!


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