January 31st, 2009 by Tracy

We took Ian to Rosedale Library today to visit the Baby Garden in Storyville. I didn’t get a good nap out of him prior to going so he was cranky after about 30 minutes, but we had fun until then! Anyone with a little one, I highly recommend visiting, it’s such a neat place!

Unfortunately since he didn’t get good naps prior to going, he has been super cranky today, and pretty much refused to nap. I think it was a combo of the poor naps this morning along with over stimulation, because man was he distracted by everything going on around the place!

I just would like to point out, in that last picture, I am not touching him, he’s balancing himself! Even though he’s a little upset about it.

Family picture as we were leaving!

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  1. eliza

    I like the one where it looks like you’re making airplane noises and he’s loving it.

  2. Spencer's Mom

    I like the one with the pacifier in Mommy’s mouth!

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