Milk and Poop

September 15th, 2008 by Jason

Ian is having some problems pooping.  The main problem being that he doesn’t seem to do it enough.  He pees a lot, but very little poop.  So, Tracy is going to call the pediatrician tomorrow to make sure this isn’t a problem.  We have an appointment on Thursday, but I’m not sure we should wait so long.  Tracy has started pumping breast milk, which is weird.  The machine is fascinating, but most likely only to me.  The pictures above are of Ian and Tracy’s hand in the hospital, Ian and Grandma Edwards, and Ian looking cute and Asian.

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  1. Brad

    Josie went for 3 days without pooping, and our pediatrician said it was completely normal. This shocked me as I couldn’t imagine going without my daily quiet time.

  2. mary skeen

    When do we get to see him?????????

  3. Jeanne Muscella

    Dear Jason & Tracy,
    Welcome to Parenthood!! I am so happy for you!! Ian is truly a beautiful baby boy!! God Bless you all!!
    BE 104

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