Ian’s First Bath

September 27th, 2008 by Tracy

Ian’s umbilical cord fell off this week so he got his first bath! He surprised me and was really calm, and almost enjoyed it, except when I had to rinse his head off.

We also had his 2 week check up on Thursday and he’s still perfect. They had to do the second PKU test at this appointment, and I think he cried the loudest we’ve ever heard him cry it was heartbreaking. I’m so dreading vaccinations.

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  1. Jess

    Ugh, I think that PKU test is harder on the parents than it is on the baby! It gets better…none of the vaccinations have made my kid cry as bad as the PKU test did!

  2. Eliza

    Oh that second picture is too precious. Also he looks so adorably annoyed in the first one. The PKU test sounds scary, sorry little Ian!

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